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Meditation Series Part 1

I’ve started with this choice for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, it’s just under five minutes long. Everybody can find five minutes to relax and unwind if they choose to. You’ve probably got five minutes spare right now….. am I right?

You Hold The Universe In Your Hands

Every person, every animal, every plant… everything is a living divine beautiful energy that originates from the same source.

So What Is A Totally Inspired Life

There are no fake Hollywood style paid actors here. Nobody is claiming anything that isn’t real or true just to rip you off. I am a real person, and living a Totally Inspired Life is my goal.

7 Reasons Why You Won’t Ever Be A Success

The 7 reasons listed below why you won’t ever be a success are really just a list of bad habits. The great thing about habits is that once we identify a problem we can change what we are doing.

9 Important Reasons Why You Should Read A Book

If you’re not reading books all the time…. you should be!
Books are more than just decoration for your book shelf! They will change your life!
Here are 9 Very Important Reasons Why You Should Read A Book.

How Not To Be Insane

Are You Insane?   Are you doing the same things over and over again?   It is said that the Continue Reading

How To Make Money Online In Australia

A lot of people think that Australia is basically dis-connected from the rest of the world because we are located so far away from America or the United Kingdom. That’s just a load of BS! The Internet levels the playing field for everybody….

Take The Action Takers Test

Are you an ‘action taker’? Are you the kind of person who accepts a challenge and does whatever needs to be done? Do you realize that for any kind of different result to be achieved, something different to what is normal needs to be done? Take my Action Takers Test now.

Are You Living Your Dreams

Too many people go through their entire life without ever stepping out of their comfort zone in an attempt to live their dreams. Society has conditioned us not to take too many risks.